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Subway Clash 2
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Description: Subway Clash 2 is a fun multiplayer third person view shooter game. Long story short, these are hard times. A religious sect known as "Witnesses of the Illyich" operates on the territory of the old depot in Moscow city. Led by the notoriuos fanatic Bonch-Bruyevich, their goal is to carry out radiation attack on Moscow and overthrow the constitutional order. As the GRU Special Forces commander, you were given task to clear these deadly undergrounds.

Subway Clash 2 Unblocked is a fun multiplayer online game based on the same game engine used for the following popular online games you can also play on Games Folie : Subway Clash, Vegas Clash, Airport Clash, Rocket Clash, Ninja Clash Heroes, Farm Clash, Winter Clash, Sniper Clash and Moon Clash Heroes. Find and play those exciting fast paced third person shooter multiplayer fun online games on Games Folie - It's the folie of games on Games Folie -

Instructions: W, A, S and D keys to Move. Spacebar to Jump. C to Crouch. G to throw Grenade. Right Mouse Button to Aim. Tab key to open Score Table. Also playable on mobile, use the on screen joysticks and buttons.

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