Grand Zombie Swarm Unblocked

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Grand Zombie Swarm
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Description: In Grand Zombie Swarm you are special operative doing a recon in a city crawling with zombies. Explore the city and try to survive. It's a good thing running is not your only option. Use your different weapons to shoot and get rid of the undead. Time to show your marksman skills. Stay alive, don't become their next meal and shoot as many zombies as possible to win the game. Have fun!
Instructions: W, A, S and D keys to Move. Spacebar to Jump. Left mouse button to Shoot. Right mouse button to View and Aim. 1, 2 and 3 keys to select Weapon. C key to Crouch. R key to Reload. P key to Pause... to grab a snack, take a call, take a leak, rest your eyes... hey what you want ; )

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